Trend analysis

SymbolLast price
BTCUSD$11,194.1Analysis (Buy or sell)
LTCUSD$189.4Analysis (Buy or sell)
ETHUSD$1,018.0Analysis (Buy or sell)
XRPUSD$1.5Analysis (Buy or sell)
BCHUSD$1,730.2Analysis (Buy or sell)
NEOUSD$135.9Analysis (Buy or sell)
ETCUSD$30.5Analysis (Buy or sell)
EOSUSD$10.8Analysis (Buy or sell)
ZECUSD$500.4Analysis (Buy or sell)
XMRUSD$344.7Analysis (Buy or sell)
OMGUSD$17.8Analysis (Buy or sell)
SNTUSD$0.3Analysis (Buy or sell)

Everything that goes up must come down.
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