“If you’re protecting the water supply, you need to recognize that every community needs to react uniformly,” she said. The only magazines that are exempt are ones that you have owned prior to September 13, 1994. The Massachusetts Evil Code of 1660 reiterated the school laws, but still met with a lack of implementation; to enforce it, a fresh act was passed in 1668. “I noticed in our watershed the relative lack of attention to this issue, so I’m frustrated," Castonguay said. The law states that only the owner, pump operator or employee is allowed to pump the gas. Note #1: Some years back the Miami Herald printed a list of outdated laws. Safety first. In Boston, duels can be carried out to death on Sunday as long as the governor is present Aiming to improve regulations surround water withdrawals of both surface and groundwater supplies, the Massachusetts state legislature in 1986 passed the Water Management Act. The Massachusetts Senate has unanimously approved a bill aimed at eliminating several antiquated state laws still on the books. Nothing more unsightly... 2. He’s certainly very aware.”. The period shall not be extended by reason of non-residence or disability of any person interested in the mortgage or the real estate, or by any partial payment, agreement, extension, acknowledgment, affidavit or other action not meeting the requirements of this section and sections 34 and 35. (Courtesy Rachel E. Schneider/Ipswich River Watershed Association). (See Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 190B § § 2-105.) Under her bill, Dykema said, communities would also be able to enforce restrictions when there are greater concerns surrounding water supplies, but before there is a complete state of emergency. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Massachusetts is a may-issue state with Licenses to Carry (LTC) issued at the local police station or, for non-residents, through the State Police Firearms Records Bureau. Massachusetts State Auditor says tax laws for solar operators are outdated By Kelly Pickerel | December 10, 2020 A report issued by Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump points out that the Commonwealth’s payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program for state-owned lands (SOL) is underfunded and disproportionately disadvantages smaller, rural communities in favor of larger, … Today, because of … Summary of Massachusetts Gun Laws. The laws that abet such confrontations are outdated and dangerous. Under normal circumstances, the river speeds along at roughly 40 cubic feet per second, the 100-year average for the body of water, which has been officially monitored by watershed employees like Castonguay for roughly a century, he said. I'm assuming this one is to spare passerby from the tremendous din of one's snoring. Well over an inch of slow, steady rainfall in Ipswich earlier this month was “a big shot in the arm" for the river, Castonguay said, but the sluggish speed at which the body of water is flowing is still way below normal. After the state's highest court declared it admissible under then-current regulations to sneak unsolicited, partially nude pictures of ladies on public transit, lawmakers reacted with breakneck speed. Wade, its 1973 decision that legalized abortion, then state laws would apply. More awareness about the environment and the need for conservation is crucial as well. @ in public and voted 183-50 in … See the impact of the statewide drought across Massachusetts. PHOTO: Boston Public Library. SHARE TWEET Created with Sketch. You're not allowed to use a deity's name while doing it, either. The 1986 law should be amended to do away with the exemption, he argued. Non-residents of the state can also apply for a LTC license, however, they are required to obtain a temporary license before traveling to the state and their application must be submitted to the state police whereas residents apply at the local police station. Learn More about Massachusetts Laws by Popular Name . “Obviously we’ve been battling this for a long time," Castonguay said. It is illegal to give beer to hospital patients.. These days, Massachusetts' “Blue Laws Posted on by . Rep. Patricia Haddad, D-Bristol, said Massachusetts’ outdated laws have already left some residents with no option but to seek care elsewhere. Contracts by Minors. Selling candy containing alcohol. A prime example of the variability of the state’s water systems and restrictions is Ipswich. Massachusetts' intestacy laws, set forth in Chapter 190 of the state's code, dictate the order in which a decedent's heirs may inherit when he dies without a will. Massachusetts native. SHARE TWEET Created with Sketch. (M.G.L. 22News dug deeper to find out why they're still around. "What we’re seeing is the impact of climate change, these back-to-back droughts are overwhelming,”. He’s being briefed on a weekly basis and sometimes more frequently. The bill would largely leave the task force unchanged. Although the infamous Blue Laws are more than 340 years old, many still remain on the books. Section 8. The EEA has been proactively reaching out to water supply industry leaders and environmental organizations as well as hard-hit residents and farmers, she said. This means conservations efforts and restrictions may differ drastically by town line alone. $20 Fine for Using Profanity in Middleborough. However, the state is doing more now than ever before in terms of outreach and education about the drought conditions, the state official also pointed out. (See Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 190B § § 2-102 and 2-103.) Here … Subscribe to MassLive.com. With a little help from Dumblaws.com, we’ve gathered together some of the most bizarre laws and regulations in Massachusetts. It would be against the laws of nature. Those may be laws … Massachusetts liquor stores can only open on Sundays if they are in Berkshire, Essex, Franklin, Middlesex or Worcester counties and are within 10 miles of the Vermont or New Hampshire borders. For legal advice, please contact your attorney. Massachusetts Laws by Popular Name . COMMENTS By. @ in public and voted 183-50 in favor of fining people $20 Read More . – Or else risk a $100 fine if you publically sing or play only a part of the Star Spangled Banner. The majority of Massachusetts, close to 6.44 million residents, remain in either a moderate, severe or extreme drought as of Oct. 22, according to weekly updated data from the U.S. Drought Monitor. There is no confidential attorney-client relationship formed by using Laws.com website and information provided on this site is not legal advice. Massachusetts laws predating the Revolution are still valid and in force. There are nearly 300 chapters of Massachusetts general laws, covering … Another barrier is a lack of public messaging about the environmental crisis by Gov. “Whenever droughts hit, we are affected harshly," Castonguay said. How is it possible that some dumb laws like these are still in effect today, remains a mystery. The majority of the watershed is exempt from any state or federal regulations as well due to a law passed in the 1980s, which does not help the problem whatsoever, Castonguay noted. You’ll also be fined here if you set the anthem to a dance beat. Visit. To be exact, around 80% of the roughly 30 million gallons of water that is withdrawn from the river every day for human use is exported and “gone forever,” Castonguay said. Not to worry though! The marker for enforcing conservation restrictions would be based on information and science provided by the task force, according to the state representative. Search for Massachusetts laws by popular name ; The current Massachusetts law was developed in the early 1980s, when there were no treatment options and a diagnosis equaled a death sentence. "That was concerning, especially due to the fact that this may increase with climate change,” the state representative told MassLive. Not all old laws aimed at women are intended to preserve their virtue, however. “There needs to be more public information about these needs and, frankly, about what happens if you don’t plan for drought," she said. Summary: Sexual intercourse with a dead body is still legal in several states. However, individuals were allowed to “grandfather existing water withdrawals,” making it so any withdrawals that did not exceed 100,000 gallon were governed by common law and not the new act. Today, these outdated laws may seem just plain wacky to us but at some point they were very important. Sometimes the law changes quickly, as in the case of Massachusetts' "upskirting" case last week. 22News dug deeper to find out why they're still around. “Can we do more to get the word out? Massachusetts State Auditor says tax laws for solar operators are outdated By Kelly Pickerel | December 10, 2020 A report issued by Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump points out that the Commonwealth’s payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) program for state-owned lands (SOL) is underfunded and disproportionately disadvantages smaller, rural communities in favor of larger, … In 2016, the issue “got a ton of coverage,” and that should be the case this year, he said. The governor, she suggested, could even use his “bully pulpit" to touch on the issue during one of his regular press conferences about the state of the COVID-19 pandemic. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. “That needs to be changed.”. You can be fined $20 for swearing in public. There is a lack of consent if a person engages in a sexual act with another person by forcible compulsion or with a person who is incapable of consent because he or she is physically helpless, mentally defective or The right of average citizens to make arrests dates to 1285, when a crime spree in … Blatt believes the state could be more proactive in its efforts to educate residents about the drought and the need for people to halt any unnecessary water use, like lawn watering. Massachusetts does not have a law that says you can't have sex with a dead body. Should more people be more aware of the drought? Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Massachusetts recognizes a few exceptions for necessaries and education, motor vehicle liability insurance (if age sixteen or older), and life insurance (for age 15 or older). Yes. “We basically had zero flow before yesterday’s rain,” he said the day after the rainfall. Appellate Law, Criminal Law, Wrongful Death UPDATE – Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Finds Doctrine of Abatement Ab Initio Outdated, Reinstates Aaron Hernandez’s Conviction On April 19, 2017, former New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez committed suicide at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center outside of Boston, Massachusetts. "We’re normally stressed because of that exportation, but with droughts, the dryness is exacerbated.”. The official version of the General Laws is now published every two years, with cumulative pamphlets released periodically. Part 1: Why are we not talking more about the drought. In Massachusetts: $20 Fine for Using Profanity in Middleborough. Vandana Rao, the executive director of the Water Resources Commission at the EEA, recognized the complaints surrounding the state’s messaging about the drought. Wow! Even in fashion forward New York City, there are laws concerning how a woman dresses. Check them out and make sure you’re living within the law. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Nothing like a bit of illicit fiddling to get the blood pumping. In Ipswich, outdated laws are keeping much of the watershed from being subject to regulation, officials said. Baker's veto Worcester Democrat and Senate President Emerita Harriette Chandler says … Instead, all residents must rise with the sun every morning and dig the day's well. Charlie Baker aren’t helping, experts … It would only formalize the group legislatively. The gun laws in Massachusetts are fairly restrictive with some issuing authorities requiring applicants to justify the need for a firearm. Most of these laws are still on the books, though they may not be enforced much these days. Around 80% of the roughly 30 million gallons of water that is withdrawn from the river every day for human use is exported and "gone forever," according to Wayne Castonguay, executive director of the Ipswich River Watershed Association. “Certainly having COVID, such a big public health issue, that is one of the foremost things on everyone’s minds, so pitching about droughts and drought impacts, I’m not sure how much air time it’s getting.”. Some were apparently designed to promote household hygiene and public safety. Atheist in Massachusetts = 1 year in prison and/or $300 … Blue Laws are those established specifically to prohibit certain behavior on Sundays, or "God's Day." Massachusetts Law Welcome to the Massachusetts Law section of FindLaw's State Law collection. What was especially alarming about the environmental crisis four years ago, Dykema said, was that numerous private well users' drinking water supplies were jeopardized due to the severity of the drought. Massachusetts Stupid Laws. Massachusetts public school students are leading the nation in reading and math and are at the top internationally in reading, science, and math according to the national NAEP and international PISA assessments. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to own magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, because anything that can hold more than 10 rounds is a “large capacity” magazine. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. If your honor has been insulted, you have the option of dueling your foe … Dykema agreed, noting water supply issues do not get the attention they merit and that “there really isn’t a statewide effort to promote this,” which she blames mainly on a lack of resources. c. 40R has been extensively revised. Around 80% of the roughly 30 million gallons of water that is withdrawn from the river every day for human use is exported and "gone forever," according to Wayne Castonguay, executive director of the Ipswich River Watershed Association. Boston.com Staff June 18, 2015. 22News dug deeper to find out why they're still around. For example, early on in the summer, the governor held a briefing at the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project, where he talked both about the coronavirus outbreak in the commonwealth as well as the dangers of eastern equine encephalitis, a lethal mosquito-borne illness that makes an appearance in Massachusetts every 10 to 20 years. For those like Castonguay who are monitoring the startling conditions of their rivers weekly or even daily, it is understandable, though frustrating still, to see the drought receive little widespread attention. Although in general, few people strictly uphold the Sabbath anymore, many cities and towns across America still have legal reminders of this observance on the books. c.264 §9) Alcoholic candy is illegal in the commonwealth. Filed in response to concerns about the 2016 drought, the intent of the legislation is to protect drinking water so it is available all year long, Dykema noted. "That’s really confusing, so what we’d like to see is just a much more consistent and unified message from the state, saying, ‘We’re in a drought. For months, parts of the Ipswich River looked like they were more rock than water. The commonwealth may be in dire need of updating its water regulations, environmentalists argue. Massachusetts. Yes, it is technically against the law in Massachusetts to hurl insults at umpires and athletes at sporting events. 8. “Even now there’s people from Massachusetts who go to Rhode Island because it’s easier there,” she said. These 16 Crazy Laws in Massachusetts Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In Wonder 1. Special education in Massachusetts, Children's Law Center Nice, clear guide to the special education process in Massachusetts from identification to assessment, IEP's and more. We are in 2020 and it’s surprising that nobody ever thought about revisioning them. “Without water, we’d be nothing. One states that a motor vehicle cannot drive down Flagler Street (the main drag that bisects north from south and originates downtown, extending to the Everglades) at night unless someone precedes the … Authorities are also working to get the word out to residents about the ongoing drought. Massachusetts Stupid Laws. Because of the piece of legislation, only around 10% of the water withdrawn from the Ipswich Watershed today is subject to regulation. There are three components of Dykema and Eldridge’s bill, the first of which would formalize the Drought Management Task force, she said. A … Freelance writer and strawberry eater. If a veteran without heirs dies while a member of a Massachusetts Soldiers' Home, the property will go to the legacy fund for that home. I'm sure Governor Baker has his Sundays booked 'til Spring. Boston.com Staff June 18, 2015. At a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches.. You're there to mourn, not munch. “Our biggest frustration is the 90% exemption,” Castonguay said. Added by IdiotLaws.com Staff | No Comments. Don't you remember that part in the Bible? Although lawmakers are constantly updating the laws, some become obsolete and unenforceable over time. The law specifies that a beer and wine store should be in the exclusive business of selling adult beverages and that any water or soda sold needs to be room temperature, according to Find Law. Love Massachusetts? Share with your friends and let us know in the comments! The river basin there provides drinking water to roughly 350,000 people across 14 communities, and it is the most slow-stressed watershed in Massachusetts, meaning a significant portion of the river’s water, close to 75%, is exported outside the basin every day and never returns to the system, according to Castonguay. Each photo is a tongue-in-cheek rebellion that intentionally violates some absurd U.S. State law, most of which are outdated or … Recent widespread showers have provided some relief to watersheds, though much more is needed to make any dent in the dry conditions, climatologists say. Are you in favor of bringing back any of these old-timey edicts? 7 Cool And Calming Hikes To Take In Massachusetts To Help You Reflect On The Year Ahead, 11 Reasons No One In Their Right Mind Visits Massachusetts In The Winter, The Candleberry Inn In Massachusetts Was Named One Of The Best B&Bs In The World For 2020, The Whole Family Will Love This Reindeer Scavenger Hunt At Chestnut Hill Farm In Massachusetts, 12 Terrifying Things In Massachusetts That Can (And Just Might) Kill You, These 10 Famous Homicides In Massachusetts Will Never Be Forgotten. The suit asserts that the Massachusetts legislature and Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin used the COVID-19 health crisis to unconstitutionally change voting state voting laws. Several outdated laws are still on the books in Massachusetts. M.G.L. Find laws by names that won't appear in the laws themselves, like Lemon Law, Jessica's Law, Little Miller, or Check the Box. However, Dykema is hopeful it will come out of committee during the next session. In 2015, a bill was enacted to law to allow citizens living in less populated areas with less than 40,000 people to pump their own gas. This article is the second in a three-part series about the ongoing statewide drought in Massachusetts. Added by IdiotLaws.com Staff | No Comments. In Ipswich, outdated laws are keeping much of the watershed from being subject to regulation, officials said. A Firearm Identification (FID) card or LTC is required to purchase a firearm. Whether too many outdated or unnecessary laws survive in Massachusetts is subjective, but libertarians and conservatives generally prefer a common-sense, less-is-more approach to government, where citizens are free to be free and can live in a society unencumbered by restrictive rules and regulations. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Probably yes. Such obscure Massachusetts laws and the fact that they are still on the books, often provoke humor. If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: You're there to mourn, not munch. From parking tickets to Kinder Eggs, sometimes the law works in mysterious ways. An outdated statute requires a child to have an unmarried birth mother’s last name and gives no freedom to individuals and couples to choose their child’s last name. But now a new threat looms. Whoever sells to a person any candy enclosing or containing liquid or syrup having more than one per cent of alcohol shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.". You will receive your first email soon. However, 2020 is not a typical year, for as the world is experiencing the far-reaching coronavirus public health crisis, Massachusetts is also seeing its own environmental crisis of sorts, with many of the state’s water systems falling victim to the worst drought seen in the commonwealth in the past four years. As of January 1, 2015, Massachusetts will no longer issue A and B Licenses to Carry, there will be just a single LTC which is identical to the old LTC-A. Two days later, Gov. Attorneys listed on this website are not referred or endorsed by this website. Includes information on IEP's, the law, resources for parents, and much more. The surviving spouse is entitled to $200,000 plus half of the remaining estate, as set forth in Chapter 190, Section 1(1). And they want to deliver it by building massive, oversized pipeline right through our backyards. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. The state of Massachusetts does NOT require electric bikes to be registered if they meet the definition of a “low-speed electric bicycle” under Federal law (i.e., the bike must have 2-3 wheels, fully operable pedals, an electric motor of less than 750 watts, and a maximum speed … "For a big river, that’s certainly unnatural.”. The agency is working regularly with MEMA to reach out to communities about conservation recommendations as well, and the state has allocated tens of millions of dollars in grant money to farms, a portion of which is going to drought management projects. Thank you! Stupid Laws from Massachusetts. Here is a selected list of statutes that became effective on January 1, 2017. If you are aware of some weird laws still in effect in your country or state feel free to tell us in the comments. c. 40R, “Smart Growth Zoning and Housing Production.” Originally added by St. 2004, c. 149 § 92, M.G.L. Weird laws in Massachusetts. This one was repealed in 2000....but still, that's pretty behind the times. “I think he’s missing an opportunity to talk about this,” Blatt said about the drought. General Laws are Session Laws or sections of Session Laws that are permanent in nature and of general application. Those are ACTUAL bears in Boston Common in 1929. Don’t butcher the national anthem! 2 of 30. Charlie Baker, according to Julia Blatt, executive director of the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance. Massachusetts is seeing its worst drought since 2016; Outdated laws and a lack of public messaging from Gov. Sean Rayford/Getty. Outreach materials and infographics have been created, and social media efforts have been boosted to tell audiences “in a succinct matter what the drought is and what they can do,” according to Rao. You need to conserve water,' " Blatt said. Many of these laws were written during a time when life was a lot simpler. “From the governor’s side, the governor’s very much bereft of what is going on. She might topple off and hurt herself. Around 80% of the roughly 30 million gallons of water … Consent Laws Massachusetts Defining Consent Question Answer How is consent defined? We Shall Duel To the Death! According to Dykema, a situation could arise in Massachusetts where two communities that pull from the same water supply differ in their water-use restrictions, thus undermining the public’s trust in the information they are getting from state and municipal authorities about the severity of the drought.