CVT Automatic Transmission Fluid – Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid. CVT Fluid capacity 7.9 QT (7.9 L 6.6 lmp QT) Fluid type - Toyota Genuine CVTF FE Continuously variable transaxle fluid type Using continuously variable transaxle fluid other than “Toyota Genuine CVTF FE” may cause deterioration in shift quality, locking up of the transmission accompanied by vibration and, ultimately, damage to the vehicle’s Drain fluid 3. CVT fluid certainly wears out over time. Imparts both shear and oxidation stability to the fluid and maintains the performance of a Continuously Variable Transmission by providing excellent wear protection. Vellfire ANH20 2.4, ANH25, AYH30 (2009-) 7 Speed Toyota & Lexus Authorised Dealer - Genuine Parts & Accessories. Our parts also carry a 24-month Toyota Warranty so you can feel confident with every service and repair. Valvoline's CVT fluid is designed for today's technologically advanced variable transmissions. This is the 4WD version of the K112 and is used in the Toyota RAV4 and other 4WD vehicles. • Suitable for use: Toyota CVT Fluid TC, Toyota CVT Fluid FE, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-1, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2, Nissan CVT Fluid NS-3, MMC DIAQUEEN ATF SP-III, MMC DIAQUEEN CVT Fluid J1, MMC DIAQUEEN CVT Fluid J4, Mazda CVTF 3320, Subaru i-CVT Fluid, Subaru i-CVT FG, Subaru Lineartronic High Torque Chain CVTF, Daihatsu AMMIX CVT Fluid DC, Daihatsu Prevents sludge and varnish build up . Transmission Type: CVT Automatic Transmission (stepless) Oil: Synthetic Oil; Manufacturer Release: Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW, G 052 180, DETROIT DIESEL, CVT Fluid TC, DODGE NS-2, FORD CVT23, HYUNDAI CVT, KIA CVT, MB 236.20, MITSUBISHI CVTF-J1, MITSUBISHI CVTF-J4, NISSAN NS-2, SUBARU NS-2, SUZUKI NS-2, TOYOTA CVT Fluid TC; Product line: CVT Midlands Lubricants supplier and distributor of premium quality own brand oil and lubricants including CVT Automatic Transmission Fluid – Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid suitable for belt driven CVT transmissions manufactured by Nissan, Toyota, Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Saturn, Subaru and … Toyota CVTF TC / CVTF FE 08886-02105 TOYOTA CVTF-TC and CVTF-FE / CONTINUOUS VARIABLE TRANSMISSION FLUID. Find Transmission Fluid & Repair & Maintenance that are similar with Toyota CVT TC Fluid . Be the first to review “Toyota TC CVT Fluid 4L” Cancel reply. Description. NOT SHIPPING TO SABAH/SARAWAK/OVERSEA DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTION*** TOYOTA TC CVT FLUID 08886-02105 (ATF) 4 LITRE. Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart by Valvoline®. Specially formulated for Toyota vehicles. Suitable for: CVT Automatic 7 Speed Gear Box (CVT -TC) Estima ACR50 2.4 (2006-) 7 Speed. In 2011, Toyota released the CVT fluid TC fluid specification for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). Click to expand... That is my concern as well, and is in fact a concern on nearly … If fluid does NOT come out, proceed to step 7, “Refill Transmission’’. Though transmissions don’t possess the flashy power numbers of a power-packed six-cylinder engine, they are no less of a factor when it comes to a responsive, fuel-efficient performance. READY STOCK/ 100% GENUINE PRODUCT FROM TOYOTA. I have read seen other forums and videos where it is mentioned that the side of the transmission has a big 22mm nut labelled ‘TC’ and it was posted that’s the CVT fluid refill port and not the 10mm port with the black oval plastic cover as described in your post. Subaru Lineartronic CVT fluid ( up to 200Nm) Suzuki (TC/NS-2/ CVT Green 1) Toyota CVT Fliud TC; TOTAL FLUIDE XLD FE. Each change requires 1 tin and 3 tins to do a flush. Remains fluid at low temperatures for excellent operation during winter. : 08886-02105Made in: JapanQuantity per Pack: 1Package Includes:1x Toyota Genuine Japan CVTF TC Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid TC 4 Liters 08886-02105Note: this genuine Toyota part is … cvt fluid, TOYOTA CVT FLUID TC, DIAQUEEN CVT FLUID J1, 3320, CVT FLUID 23, FLUID DC, SCVT, GREEN 1, 236.20, i-CVT FLUID ... MITASU CVT FLUID 100% Synthetic is a fully synthetic transmission fluid for automobiles with continuously variable transmission (CVT). Quantity: 1 Bottle. Reinstall drain plug in oil pan 4. What is a Toyota Continuously Variable Transmission? There are six (6) 4 Liter cans in a box There are 72 boxes on a pallet Price per case $214.20 ( $35.70 per Can) Quantity is limited so this deal is on a basis of first come first serve. Brand: TOYOTA Category: CVT Fluid (CVTF) Product Name: TOYOTA CVT FLUID TC. It should be changed much sooner than automatic or manual transmission oil. Fill CVT with tranny fluid at the charging pipe 5. The Toyota CVTF TC / CVTF FE is a standard for almost all new variants Part no [08886-02105 ] General Specifications. 2011 - CVT Fluid TC. Seller: Sunrise Enterprise. This fluid is used in vehicles with Toyota SUPER CVT. Shop Link Manufactured by: Toyota / Japan Gearbox oil of the highest quality. 1. Volume: 1 Quart. I can’t paste a link because i am new, but it is made by Recochem, OEM, CVT fluid for Asian vehicles. Hi, I have a 2006 Vitz (1 KR-FE engine) with K410 transmission. TRANSMISSION FLUID LEVEL – TC009-07 June 18, 2007 Page 7 of 7 B. If fluid comes out, wait until the overflow slows to a trickle and proceed to step 8, “Complete the transmission fluid level Inspection Procedure Toyota CVT Fluid TC part # 08886-02105 We have Six (6) pallets = total of 444 Tin Cans each Can contain 4 Liter of CVT fluid. CVT fluid- continuously variable transmission. Petromerica Full Synthetic CVT Transmission Fluid meets the extended friction durability and superior anti-shudder requirements of OEMs such as Toyota/Aisin (Toyota TC), Nissan/JATCO (NS-2), Honda (HMMF) and Mitsubishi (CVTF-J1) that providing enhanced performance and driving comfort. Possible to use universal CVTF when urgent. There doesn't seem to be any official Toyota Service Intervals for the CVT gearbox and I think a lot of people assume that they are therefore sealed for life. Reviews. Given the whine I was experiencing with my car I decided to change the CVT fluid myself. Marketing on All World . Allworld Home . Amid horsepower and torque numbers, transmission options are often forgotten. 4л (08886-02105) Япония E="Nick tinker, post: 3065971, member: 186350"]I hope I have not made a mistake. Toyota TOYOTA CVT Fluid TC Жидкость гидр. Also possible to use any fluid meets JWS 3320 specification. Below is a list of car brands and models along with the suggested CVT fluid change schedule. Gearbox oil of the highest quality. 4L tin (TC) type. Check fluid level. It is optimal to use genuine TC fluid. Toyota genuine Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid. Together with the first Toyota/Aisin CVT, the first special fluid for CVT transmission was introduced in 2000. Part No: 08886-02105 Type: fully-synthetic Manufacturer: Exxon Mobil Japan Volume: 4L Packing: steel can Available Containers: 4L Containers: 4L Fluid Color: Red. This fluid was first used in the following transmission… The correct fluid to use is Toyota CVT-TC fluid with the part# XXXXX 08886-02105. slonneman95 : Here is a link to a great website that describes what fluid and how to change the fluid in the CVT transmission. The fluid needed for our CVT equipped cars is the Genuine Toyota CVT FE fluid. Check that the fluid comes out of the overflow tube. For automatic gearboxes with these specs: JASO 1A , DEXRON III H , MERCON V ... TOTAL TRANSMISSION TM 85W140. 2. Please clarify. 10 in stock. Approximately 1,100 of these vehicles are currently with Toyota Australia and will be rectified prior to being delivered to guests. Compatible Toyota Models:All Toyota CVT (with TC)Specifications:Brand: ToyotaPart No. 100% GENUINE TOYOTA PART . Model: 08886-02105. For Toyota new model Now on the actual procedure. 7. This fluid is suitable for models running on CVT gearbox like Axio, Allion, etc. Additional Information. Price is for ONE bottle in 4 Litre packing. This recall is due to a problem with the torque converter in the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) assembly. Remove drain plug from CVT oil pan. Add fluid if necessary. CVT fluid has to be in acceptable condition to protect against metal-to-metal contact. Fits various models including: Toyota Estima, Alphard, Auris, Rav-4, Voxy, Noah, iQ and more. Quantity. Overstock Transmission Oil inventory offer brand is Toyota Keywords: Automotive Chemicals, Transmission Additives, Transmission Oil, Toyota Genuine CVT Fluid TC, 4L, Transmission Oil, Transmission, Oil, Automotive Chemicals, Transmission Additives, liquidation . I have Toyota corolla 2015 1.6 cc USA ,and CVT automatic transmission, i want to flush transmission fluid ,and replace with cvt fluid , but i dont know how to do it ,and i dont know whats the quantity i need owner manual as well regards please someone help me[/ Proper maintenance is the key.