instead of potato as a prank. The dough was made with a one to one ratio of egg to flour and salted water was added if needed . In another frying pan, add the second amount of butter and fry the mushrooms until they are golden. Add the cooked pierogies to the skillet and saute until browned. Lay each finished perogy on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper so they don’t stick together. They make a fantastic main course as well as a perfect side dish. I love Pierogies, I am American Polish and have made them in the past but I will use this recipe. Hello all; Im 60 and as far back as I can remember the perogie was a main stay in the winter months . Your email address will not be published. Use oil in place of eggs. Many people are familiar with perogies, but unfortunately they don’t know much more than the fact that you can buy them pre-made from the store. Place pierogies in boiling water and cook through. Perfect for pasta, … . 3. While the potatoes are cooking, grate your cheese and then dice up one whole onion and sauté in a little butter. She would make huge batches and sell them in the community. Repeat the process until all of the dough has been used up. VARENYKY – Perogy – вареники Pyrohy – пироги з жовтим сиром. Add grated cheddar and sautéed onion and mash really well. Perogies freeze really well, so if you’re not planning on cooking them all the same night, put the baking trays in the freezer to flash freeze them before transferring them to a freezer bag. Copyright 2020 - Melissa K. Norris Pioneering Today LLC. Dinner, Ukrainian Dishes Perogies. I’ve never tried making them before but this sounds doable. Nourishing and kid-approved soups and stews, Old-fashioned baked goods from buttermilk pie, homemade cake mixes, to Mom’s chocolate chip cookies, Don’t spend all day in the kitchen, tips for busy times without sacrificing hand made goodies, Wholesome ingredients without processed and questionable items. And if you have extra dough, you can fill them with a variety of other ingredients to make different types of perogies. Blend the filling using a hand blender or a hand potato masher. When they cool that’s when you fry them and they get an even different dimension don’t forget the sour cream and lots of it .. Live a little eat work hard and splurge !!! Perogies will float to the top of the pot when they’re finished. They should keep in the freezer for up to 4-6months. This traditional Ukrainian perogy recipe is extremely frugal, averaging out to less than 10¢ a piece. For years I was afraid to try, so thank you. For a batch of 150, this works out to just over 0.03¢ per perogy! Bacon fat will cling to the kraut. Flour the table or counter lightly and roll dough to about 1/8 inch thickness (thin is best, but not too thin, as you don't want the dough to break as you fill your perogy). Then let it rest, covered, for about half an hour. #cheese While this is roughly the same as the store-bought Costco version, it contains no questionable ingredients, the cheese is real (not processed) and you could essentially cut your costs to under $5.00 for the whole batch if you omit the cheese. I’m still troubleshooting the filling. You can use regular water but using the starchy potato water makes for great dough and makes this recipe even more frugal. If you make them, let us know how they turn out! I’ve run out of dough, made another 1/2 batch, and still have filling leftover. Fry until the perogies are golden on each side and place on plate until the sauce is done. Thanks! In a large bowl, sift flour and combine with salt. Mash until smooth. Add cubed cheese and cover with the lid. Meanwhile, if the perogies have a sturdy dough on them, they need to be thrown into boiling water … In another skillet, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter. I dont see ingredient amounts/measurements for making the dough… All I see is add flour, salt etc. Seal them up with your fingers as you go, pressing the two edges firmly together. Creamy mushrooms, dill and spinach. Today they are enjoyed by all, regardless of class or social status, and they remain a staple food for Eastern European families like mine, even though we’ve lived in North America for multiple generations. Return strained potatoes to the pot. May 10, 2016 - A fast and simple meal during the week! One of my favourite things about preserving food is the convenience factor when you’re ready to cook and these perogies deliver on that for sure! The ingredients are so simple, I had everything on hand. Learn how to make perogies (or pierogies) from Anna, with her traditional Ukrainian Perogi recipe. I’d love to know! Toss with butter and serve hot with sour cream. Well in making a few different distinctions the cheese we always used Long horn and the onions were always cooking in a couple pounds of butter . Even with the cheese it still works out to around 0.07¢ per perogy. I can’t find the amount of flour used to prepare the dough, however. Oven-baked perogies in tomato sauce uses frozen perogies and your favourite sauce! These dumplings can be eaten savoury or sweet, stuffed with potato and cheese or sauerkraut and mushrooms — or served as a dessert with fruit filling and a sprinkling of sugar. They stick to your ribs despite having no meat, and they're pleasing to just about everyone’s tastebuds. Pierogi are most often associated with the cuisine of Central and Eastern European nations. Since we’re Canadian (and almost every Canadian will tell you that they have some sort of claim to being Ukrainian) we decided to tackle making perogies, as it is a dish that is near and dear to our hearts. But let’s face it; A perogy ain’t a perogy without the filling. I’m of German decent and my Aunts used to talk about having dumplings almost at every meal. I being irish can not help him. Cooking them in small batches keeps them from sticking together as much. Nevertheless, they were a frugal way to fill hungry bellies with a few simple ingredients and helped stave off hunger during frigid and barren Eastern European winters. And yet, these are one of the easiest things to make at home! As soon as perogies came out of the water we added a heaping spoon of those delicious camelized onions and dug in . Thank you so very much for sharing this moment into my childhood. In another bowl, mix a little oil with a couple eggs and the potato water (or regular water if you accidentally dumped your potato water down the drain). Heat olive oil in pan or wok, saute onion, mushrooms and garlic until onion is translucent and mushrooms are tender. Can this be made with an all purpose gluten free flour ? Ukrainian Olha's Varenyky (perogies) These half moons of dough may be filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses, although for Christmas Eve potato and cabbage fillings are the favorite. You may need to add a small amount of either flour or water, depending on the consistency of the dough. Tender and still delicious. Food is one of those things that connects us to our past and to our ancestors and to the ways of life of long ago. This looks like a great recipe, and I’d love to try it. With these ingredients you can make a batch of about 150-200 pierogis, depending on how large you’re cutting them. bag of russet potatoes for $2.50. Our Varenyky (crescent-shaped dumplings) are lovingly filled with potato & cheddar cheese with a hint of onion.. Varenyky are very popular in Ukraine. Double check each one to make sure they’ve sealed all the way around. Thanks! Fill each round of dough with a ball of potato filling and seal the edges of the dough together with your fingers. You might need to none stick your hands first. You want the filling to be thick and firm (so don’t add any milk or cream like you might with regular mashed potatoes). I want to say it happened once and so many family members complained that it never happened again. In another skillet, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter. She put handfuls of flour on my old enamel kitchen table, made a little well in the flour, put the eggs in there, and with her fingers, worked the eggs into the dough. She kept adding more flour while she rolled out the dough on the table, cut the dough with a knife, and we put the fillings in together. Pour in cream, salt and spices and bring to boil. When perogie dough is ready, roll it out to about 1/8 of an inch thick. When well blended and smooth, wrap in plastic wrap or a clean plastic bag and let dough rest for at least 30 minutes. First you’ll want to prepare the ingredients for your filling. Flour your hands and knead your dough ball until smooth. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. We bought a 1-lb. In the printable recipe card it’s the first ingredient under the dough, 6 cups. Thanks for the perogies recipes. For best results (and to prevent them from breaking), use a slotted spoon to remove perogies from water and transfer to a colander to let drain more. White sauce with rich garlicky flavor and mozzarella will make this pierogies melt in your mouth. Ukrainian cuisine is hearty, carb-heavy and oh-so-comforting. Sauerkraut Pierogi Recipe Homemade Sauerkraut Polish Pierogi Dough Recipe Perogie Dough Recipe Ukrainian Recipes Russian Recipes Slovak Recipes Sauerkraut Appetizers All rights reserved. The potatoes should still be very hot and they will cause the cheese to melt after about 5-10 minutes. They are often then pan-fried before serving. If you’re making them with cheese (which I highly recommend), the cheese will probably be the most expensive part of this recipe.

Pierogies AKA varenyky are a staple of Eastern European cuisine. Add fried onions and.or bacon bits to take your perogies to the next level! Pierogi dinner ideas with other popular fillings are sauerkraut and bacon, cottage cheese, ground or shredded meat or fruit fillings like cherry and blueberry. Now, it’s been a while since we bought them from the store (yes, it’s happened), but I think you get around the same amount or a little less in a large box from Costco and that will run you around $10.00 plus tax. (I dare not utter the words “gluten free” in a Ukrainian family). Whether it's classic potato and cheese pierogies or garlicky sour pickles, these dishes will make you say smachnoho! It’s ok, we make mashed potato pancakes with it. To cook, bring a pot of water to a boil and cook in small batches (no more than 10-15 perogies at a time for best results). Want more easy homemade recipes all in one place? Prepare your dough. By this time, your perogi filling will be cool enough to touch. Remove the skillet from heat and add the sour cream and stir until just combined. Add the cooked pierogies to the skillet and saute until browned. That depends on the filling. The dough is still quite edible (and yummy with sour cream!). Let filling cool while making the dough. Add the chopped onion to the skillet and saute until the onions are soft and the mushrooms begin to give up their liquid. This recipe and 100+ more are found in my book–-> click here Hand Made: the Modern Guide to Made-from-Scratch Living. But I would think they would work just fine as long as the dough sticks together when you pinch the edges together. I had a sudden onset allergy to eggs-my farm fresh ones Do you think the dough would work without the eggs? Then she adjusted the texture with some sprinkles of water. When she came to visit me she asked if I wanted her to make me some perogies. If you ended up biting into that perogy, you would get a special gift as consolation. Boil until perogies float. brick of cheese for $6.50 and a 5-lb. It’s listed in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the post ? I can’t wait to try this recipe. These Varenyky are filled with sautéed Sauerkraut, finely chopped mushrooms, sautéed onions & seasonings. Start by peeling your potatoes, then cut them into quarters and boil them until soft enough to mash. For Christmas Eve, my mother never used eggs because of fasting. For pierogi with spinach filling, yoghurt & garlic sauce would work best. In a large pot, bring enough water to cover the pierogies to a boil. Slowly add wet ingredients to dry and mix well. They do tend to be a little time-consuming as you typically roll out enough dough at one time to make anywhere from 50 to 150 perogies at once. They were originally considered a peasant food as they are composed of humble ingredients like flour, potatoes and onions. I have never tried making them with gluten free flour. If we are having Potato Vareniki, it’s definitely with white mushroom sauce. It is just my husband and I now so I hope that these will freeze well. I can hardly remember a Christmas dinner without perogies. Although in the UK we have many nationalities there doesn’t seem to be many recipe books with this type of food, so it’s really nice when people put out traditional recipes online. Let filling … Repeat until all perogies are cooked and then transfer to a serving dish. Thanks for sharing your recipe and the traditional family history behind it! Add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of flour and stir it in to soak up some of the butter. I began helping @ about 5 years old growing up in a home where Ukrainian was spoken as much as English its no wonder . Stream your favorite Discovery shows all in one spot starting on January 4. You could even just cook the dough on it's own and serve dumplings with chicken or in soup. We do like this recipe, the Perogies are so tasty you should try them. Stir them gently to keep them from sticking as well. Add in an onion, a couple eggs and some flour and salt from our pantry, as well as a little butter and oil, and our last batch probably cost around $10 or $11. Get creative with whatever you have on hand! Once you’ve A) used up all your dough or B) used up all of your filling, you’re finished your batch! Either use a biscuit cutter or an upside-down cup to cut your circles out. Cool before freezing. Perogy (or pierogi, pirohy, pyrhoy, etc) is a food from Central Europe that is especially popular in Russia and the Ukraine. Where to find measurements for making dough? Cut out as many as you can and then ball up remaining dough and roll out once more. Perogies are a versatile food, great for both holiday dinners and midweek meals alike. You want it thin, but be careful not to roll it too thin as it could break. But more importantly, this is such a fun tradition and is something that all generations can do together. I highly recommend making this a family affair if you can! Should they be blanched before freezing or put straight into the freezer for longer storage? I love this recipe! Transfer the pierogies to a serving platter and spoon the mushroom sauce on top. Pork Tenderloin with Dried Fig and Mushroom Sauce... Mushroom Ravioli with Mushroom Sauce Recipe. Scoop about 1 Tbsp of potato filling for each perogy and roll into a ball in the palms of your hands. Scoop about a tablespoon of potato filling for each dumpling and roll into a neat little ball. Now, what to do with them all? I was amazed watching her do all of this and in a matter of minutes. Simmer for 5 minutes. Pierogi Sauce made with creamy mushrooms and dill has quickly become our favourite pierogi topping. There is more that one way to top a pierogi. Yes it will work without eggs, but the dough will be very tender and fragile. Dealing with Emotions During the Holidays (Surrounding COVID and 2020 Realities), How to Make an Old-Fashioned Evergreen Christmas Wreath, Winter Vegetable Garden: Storing Vegetables over Winter. I’ve literally never met anybody who doesn’t like them. Traditionally, the women and girls of the family would get together to make a huge batch of perogies together. ️ Serve with fried onions and sour cream, and enjoy alongside sauerkraut, cabbage rolls, pickles and Ukrainian or Polish sausage with a little mustard and you’ve got yourself a meal that’s fit for a king, but on a peasant’s budget. Add the sliced mushrooms and stir until they are coated with butter. Instead, learn how to have. It’s easiest if you prepare a bunch of these balls before you start filling your perogies. I love new ideas and 8 years ago, when I first time tried this new version of plain potato pierogi at my friends house, I never had this meal any other way. Cut dough in half or in thirds, keeping unused dough well wrapped in plastic until needed. I will make the ones from your recipe, but none will ever be as good as those perogies my friend made on my kitchen table. Cook in boiling water until soft enough to mash. Add the sliced mushrooms and stir until they are coated with butter. I can’t wait to make them as a surprise for him! Make sure when pinching the edges to ensure there are no gaps or that the 2 sides of the dough do not pull away from each other. salt and pepper Clean mushrooms thoroughly, rinse in cold water. Just be sure to cook any meat before using it as filling. Mash until smooth. I have eaten lots of perogies since then but none as good as those. my husband just got done making 100+ meat things (perogy) and 100 cheese things (Perogy) they are for zmas. In a medium saucepan with a tight fitting cover, sauté mushrooms, onion and garlic in butter for a few minutes. Mix and slowly add the remaining liquid. Years ago I had a friend who was Ukrainian. Store-bought perogies also contain added, unwanted ingredients like the food additive soy lecithin that you won’t find in this homemade version. Place pierogies in boiling water and cook through. Of course I said yes! Mix together water, oil and egg, and pour half of mixture into flour. Knead by hand until flour and liquid are well combined, into an elastic ball. Remove the skillet from heat and add the sour cream and stir until just combined. This recipe makes around 150-200 perogies but can be doubled or divided to fit your needs. Fill perogie dough. Simple and easy time tested from scratch meals. And a single batch will easily feed a large family (or a small village). Sauerkraut and Bacon: In a large bowl mix together all ingredients well. In fact, my husband enjoys a good perogy session just as much as I do:), Tired of hectic meal times and complicated recipes or relying on processed foods? If you try them gluten free please let me know how they turn out! Today is my Baba’s (Claudia’s Mom) 82nd birthday. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough thinly, … Melissa K. Norris and Pioneering Today LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Return potatoes to the pot and add grated cheese and sautéed onion. For one, many hands make light work. Thank you so much for sharing your perogies recipe! Wet your fingers a little if needed to help stick the edges together. Be careful not to get any filling between the dough as this can prevent a proper seal. She didn’t measure anything and didn’t use a bowl. Return potatoes to the pot and add grated cheese and sautéed onion. Mushroom & Dill Sauce (Pierogi Topping) November 2020. Thank you in advance . I often meet people who tell me they love perogies but have never made them from scratch (and probably never even tasted them from scratch). And nothing says the males in the family can’t help out too. Sauce should be a yellow colour. My husband lives pierogies (his family was Belarusian & Ukrainian). Will you be making this treat any time soon? It sounds like your recipe is a good one and I can’t wait to try to make it. Truly a Ukrainian dish, Varenyky are known around the world. In a large pot, bring enough water to cover the pierogies to a boil. They’re also super frugal, costing mere pennies a piece when made from scratch. This is THE BEST pierogi topping ever!! The filling is so simple to make: boil potatoes, drain, but set aside, the water. For classic, "ruskie" pierogi (with cottage cheese and potatoes), the most popular options are either onion slices fried on butter or sour cream. We were both in our early 20s but she was so familiar with making perogies, for her it was like making toast. we have them every year. Peel potatoes and cut into quarters. It’s actually quite easy and they seriously do freeze so well that you can pop them in the freeezer and then just throw them in a pot when you’re ready to cook them just like store-bought ones. This is just a dumpling after all. Thanks! Every year around this time we begin making dozens and dozens of these little dumplings to serve at Christmas dinner as well as for Ukrainian Christmas in January and then for Malanka (Ukrainian New Year). Toss each batch with about a tablespoon of butter (again to prevent sticking… and because… butter). Perogies originated in Eastern Europe out of necessity. But the process is straightforward and a few simple ingredients go a very long way, making this an easy pierogi recipe. I had a Russian student a few years ago who brought in perogies that his mother made.They were absolutely delicious. Simmer until the sauce thickens. KVASHENA KAPUSTA VARENYKY - ВАРЕНИКИ З КВАШЕНОЮ КАПУСТОЮ з грибами. There you have it, how to make perogies at home. In a medium skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of butter. Now if that ain’t frugal I don’t know what is. Because these potato-filled dumplings aren’t just a staple of holiday dinners in my family, they’re a part of our heritage; A heritage full of traditions that have been passed down through generations, many of which still find a place on our dinner table at every special occasion (and many meals in between). his mother taught him. Use a slotted spoon to remove them from water and drain before transferring to a serving bowl. Mushroom Filling: 3 cups mushrooms (fresh, finely chopped) 2 large onions (finely chopped) 4 tablespoons butter (or more) 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs (fine dry, or more) Optional: salt and pepper (to taste) For the Pierogi Dough: 2 large eggs 5 tablespoons sour cream 3 tablespoons oil (vegetable) 1 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup broth (chicken) Wet you fingers just a little if needed to help dough stick together. This sauce is excellent served on beetniks, beet rolls, nalysnky or on perogies in lieu of sour cream. There really isn’t a better way to celebrate her life (and Claudia’s essentially) than to post the staple of my Ukrainian childhood (and the best food she ever made) on this day. Pierogi (/ p ɪ ˈ r oʊ ɡ i / pih-ROH-ghee) are filled dumplings made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savoury or sweet filling and cooking in boiling water. Pierogi dough should be at room temperature. My husband is Polish and wistfully talks of his mothers’ perogies which I unfortunately, never got to try. Add chicken broth, butter, cumin, salt, peper and wine, let simmer for 5 minutes. In a medium skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of butter. Simmer for about 15 minutes. You can add an egg to the potato filling and form into balls, then roll in bread crumbs and fry to make potato croquettes. Sign up for the Recipe of the Day Newsletter Privacy Policy, Potato and Mushroom Pierogies with Roasted Apples. Freeze on a baking tray and then transfer to a freezer bag if making in advance. Gently stretch out each circle of dough and then place a ball of filling in the centre of each one. Ukrainian Olha's Varenyky (perogies) These half moons of dough may be filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses, although for Christmas Eve potato and cabbage fillings are the favorite.