which fraction is equivalent to 2/5? An occasion would be 4/10 (more advantageous by applying 2). “Of” is an English language term with the mathematical meaning multiply. Source(s): me. So 7/20 or 35/100 is equivalent to 35 percent. Fractions Division & Formula. 0.4 = 4/10 = 2/5. 4/10. math. Helpppppp. Relevance. Equivalent fraction of 3/5 is 6/10 Equivalent fraction of 7/15 is 14/30 . 1 2 = 5 10 2) 3) They have all eaten the same amount of chocolate because 2 4, 3 6 and 5 10 are all equivalent to one half. First, we find the greatest common factor of 2 and 9 which is 1. Is the fraction 4 over 5 and 5 over 6 equivalent? Every fraction has infinitely many fractions that areequivalent to it. Fraction Is it equivalent to 2 4? Students often do not realise what fractions actually are and what size number they represent. step 1 Address input parameters & values. There are an INFINITE NUMBER of fractions equivalent to 2/9. Step 1 - Setup. An party may be 4/10 (accelerated by two). step 1 Address input parameters & values. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awWkE. Simplest fraction: 0.025 = 25/1000 = 1/40; percentage: 0.025 = 2.5/100 or 2.5% 1) b) One half is equivalent to three sixths. In this case the answer is #2/5# and the question is how do we get to such an answer? See Answer. 10 Answers. represent 2 5 or 3 5 The bar model is not divided into equal parts so this does not represent 4 5 What is a Fraction? As 4 over 5 is 0.8 and 5 over 6 is 0.83333 - which are not equivalent. 1/2 is equivalent to 5/10, and 1/5 is equivalent to 2/10 (the common denominator being 10 here). Take the first example: .35. So every fraction is equivalent.Every fraction has infinitely many fractions that areequivalent to it. Its equivalent, in rational form, is 25/100. I hope I helped ( : 7 1 ♥Pretty fly for a white girl!♥ 1 decade ago. Decimal to Fraction Number calculator - online basic math function tool to convert decimal point number 0.025 to fraction equivalent. We can simplify this fraction to 7/20. in case you multiply it by two, 3, 4 and so on you receives an equivalent fraction. The ratio "two to five" can be written as 2:5 or as 2/5. 5 years ago. Question 69466: A fraction is equivalent to 2/5. How to find equivalent fractions? 4 Answers. Well im in 6th grade and we've just finished this unit- So i would go with 2/10 because the 5 is in the 10's place...so it it= 2/10 or 2 over 10! 2 5/8 is equal to 2.625 in decimal form. 1 decade ago. If any fraction is not reduced to lowest terms, you can get other equivalent fractions just dividing both numerator and denominator by the same number. One way to get the equivalent fraction is to multiply the given fraction by 2/2, 3/3, 4/4,...1 equivalent fraction of 2/4= 4/8 three-fifths+start fraction 3 over 17 end fraction A. or 1) A shows 9 12, B shows 3 4 and C shows 6 8. 2 B. What is the equivalent ratio of 5 and 3? 12/30. In other words, we will convert 3 2/5, which contains both a whole number and a fraction, to just an improper fraction. you need to multiply the two and the 5 one by one by applying the comparable extensive style. 0 5. 0.25 is a fraction. and thank you:) Answer by stanbon(75887) (Show Source): 4/8 6/12 7/14 8/16 9/18 10/20 11/22 12/24basically anything that the top number is exactly half of the bottom number. you may want to multiply both and the 5 one after the different by an identical huge form. Numerator: Denominator: Calculate The Fractions! If a pie is cut into two pieces, each piece is also one-half of the pie. y=1/2.5 or 10/25 or 2/5 in the simplest form (decimal: 0.4) PREMISES y=the fraction 1/2.5 CALCULATIONS The fraction 1/2.5 can stand alone as a fraction or can be written variously as: I. y=1/2.5 II. Source(s): the answers above. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. Just use this Rule: Two fractions are equivalent if we. Kimberly. 2/5*15 cannot be done, as we have a fraction and an integer. You need to set the decimal in a fraction over a hundred. Answer Save. Asked by Wiki User. Ask Login. 2/5 is a fragment in least complicated type. 0 1 2. 0.4. (plz. If 2/9 is multiplied by ANY VALUE equal to ONE, an equivalent fraction will be the result. Write an equivalent fraction for 6/8 . There are an unlimited number of fractions that are equivalent to 2/9. Two fractions are equivalent when they are both equal when written in lowest terms. So adding these fractions 5/10 + 2/10 gives the result of 7/10 or seven tenths. 4 5. Top Answer. Wut is decimal equivalent of 2/5? Mathematical Analysis . 2 B. one-half C. 1 D. 0 Estimate the difference. Percent or per cent means per 100 so 35 percent as a fraction is 35/100. Explain how you know each fraction is equivalent to 0.25. The fraction bar may be horizontal (as in 1 / 3), oblique (as in 2/5), or diagonal (as in 4 ⁄ 9). These marks are respectively known as the horizontal bar; the virgule, slash , or stroke ; and the fraction bar, solidus, or fraction slash. The below workout with step by step calculation shows how to find the equivalent decimal for fraction number 5/2 manually. 0 0. 6four . 1 decade ago . 1 decade ago. 2/5 is a fragment in simplest form. 35/100 would be simplified to 7/20. Math. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. You will have an equivalent fraction. Anonymous. An equivalent fraction to 2 over 2 is 1 whole or 4 over 4. We say that 1/2 is equivalent to 2/4. Well, the answer is the question and the question is the answer. Use benchmarks to estimate the sum. The ratio is 5/3. Notes and Guidance Mathematical Talk Varied Fluency ©White Rose Maths Children use strip diagrams to investigate and record equivalent fractions. 5/2 ~You just convert to a percentage: 250% ~Make a fraction by putting over 100: 250/100 ~Simplify: 250/100 - 25/10 - 5/2. the equivalent fraction of 6 over 5 is 12/10. Year 4 | Spring Term | Week 5 to 8 –Number: Fractions 5 If I split a shape into 4 parts, I have split it into quarters. What fraction is equivalent to 2 5.10? How to find equivalent fractions? Wiki User Answered . if the numerator of the fraction is decreased by 2 and its denominator is increased by 1, then the resulting fraction is equivalent to 1/4. Anonymous. The fraction 8 20 is equal to 2 5 when reduced to lowest terms. Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same value or represent the same part of an object. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. step 1 Address formula, input parameters & values. If a pie is cut into 4 pieces, then two pieces represent the same amount of pie that 1/2 did. Answer Save. 3 C. 1 D. 4 Estimate the product. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. 0 0. jacy. Equivalent Fractions Calculator. Here is the answer to questions like: What is an equivalent fraction for 2/5 or What are the equivalent fractions for: 2/5? 2/5 is the fraction. What is an example of equivalent ratio? Lv 4. How to check if two fractions are equivalent? Relevance. Lv 4. Favorite Answer. The fraction 12 30 is equal to 2 5 when reduced to lowest terms. what is the value of the numerator of the original fraction? 1 2 = 3 6 1) c) One half is equivalent to five tenths. :) 25.10=2510/100 in fraction. No, 4 over 5 is not equivalent to 5 over 6. 2013-02-26 12:21:04. Equivalent Fractions of 2/9 are fractions that are different than 2/9, but still have the same value. Equivalent Fractions Fractions Simplifier. What is the equivalent fraction for 2/5 divided by 7/3? Input parameters & values: 2/5 & 7/3 2/5 ÷ 7/3 = ? If x:y is a ratio and p is any non-zero number, then p*x:p*y is an equivalent ratio. 6five twelvths – 4one ninth A. 2 x 2: 5 x 2 = 4: 10: Multiply numerator and denominator by 3. 0 0. ʟɛªн ʟºNGߺʈʈºM ☠ Lv 5. step 2 multiply the first fraction with reciprocal of other = 2/5 x 3/7 = (2 x 3)/(5 x 7) = 6/35 2/5 ÷ 7/3 = 6/35 Thus, 6/35 is the quotient for dividing 2/5 by 7/3. in case you multiply it by applying 2, 3, 4 etc you will get an equivalent fraction. List some equivalent fractions of 2/5 Check to see if we can simplify our fraction with a greatest common factor: Using our GCF calculator, we see there is no GCF(2, 5) = 1 An equivalent fraction for a/b is found by multiplying the numerator and denominator by a common integer (n): Multiply numerator and denominator by 2 . Name 3 fractions whose decimal equivalent is 0.25. Use our fraction to decimal calculator to convert any fraction to a decimal and to know if it is a terminating or a recurring (repeating) decimal. Multiply both the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the fraction by any non-zero integer. 4/10, 8/20, 16/40, pretty much multiply the top and bottom by the same factor and you get an equivalent fraction. Equivalent fractions may look different, but when you reduce then to the lowest terms you will get the same value. Equivalent Fractions for 2/5: There are infinity equivalent fractions to 2 5. You will have an equivalent fraction. 1 decade ago. We will give you the five lowest and by lowest, we mean the lowest combination of numerators and denominators that has the same value as 2/9. 1 1. What is the equivalent fraction of 3 over 5 and 7 over 15? The below workout with step by step calculation shows how to find the equivalent decimal for fraction number 2/5 manually. Another way of writing: 2 divided by 5 or #" "2 div#, is as the fraction #2/5# Here we will show you how to convert the mixed number 3 2/5 to an improper fraction. 9 years ago. Kobra. Two fractions are equivalent when they are both equal when written in lowest terms.