The badge is a blue enamelled cross dependent from a lion surmounted by the ducal crown; the angles of the cross are filled by crowned W's and the centre bears the arms of Brunswick, a crowned pillar and a white horse, between two sickles. 11 " To inquire into the form of a lion, of an oak, or gold, nay, even of water or air, is a vain pursuit; but to inquire the form of dense, rare, hot, cold, &c., as well configurations as motions, which in treating of physic I have in 6 Valerius Terminus, iii. Their natural ferocity and powerful armature are sometimes turned upon one another; combats, often mortal, occur among male lions under the influence of jealousy; and Andersson relates an instance of a quarrel between a hungry lion and lioness over the carcase of an antelope which they had just killed, and which did not seem sufficient for the appetite of both, ending in the lion not only killing, but devouring his mate. An old man lived beside the lake. The Nemean lion is a symbol of the fierce and devastating summer heat that ravishes the land. The sacred beasts in the various temples, tame as far as possible, were of almost every conceivable variety, from the vulture to the swallow or the goose, from the lion to the shrew-mouse, from the hippopotamus to the sheep and the monkey, from the crocodile to the tortoise and the cobra, from the carp to the eel; the scorpion and the scarab beetle were perhaps the strangest in this strange company of deities. Sierra Leone (in the original Portuguese form Sierra Leona) was known to its native inhabitants as Romarong, or the Mountain, and received the current designation from the Portuguese discoverer Pedro de Sintra (1462), either on account of the "lion-like" thunder on its hill-tops, or to a fancied resemblance of the mountains to the form of a lion. These sentences are classified based on the clauses used in them. has been a distinct order; it was founded in 1877 as a higher class of the Zdhringen Lion. Lying in the inadequate shade of some high grass tussocks was an enormous old lion. Nathan of Gaza assumed the role of Elijah, the Messiah's forerunner, proclaimed the coming restoration of Israel and the salvation of the world through the bloodless victory of Sabbatai "riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in his jaws" (Graetz). I've been in a lion cubs ' den with my children in South Africa. This blog may accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Meyer, director of the zoological museum at Dresden, has published an article on the alleged existence of the lion in historical times in Greece, a translation of which appears in the Report of the Smithsonian Institution for 1905. After the destruction of Bardowiek, then the chief commercial centre of North Germany, by Henry the Lion, duke of Saxony, in 1189, Luneburg inherited much of its trade and subsequently became one of the principal towns of the Hanseatic league. You may have to resort to complex or compound sentences in that case. He ran away. Whether you want to find a story about Daniel and the Lion's Den or Jesus Feeding the 5,000 finding it in an illustrated children's Bible story will make it more interesting and memorable to a young audience! Not only its beauty and grace make the lion the majesty but also its raw power and strength. Its most extreme point is called Buddon Ness, off which are the dangerous shoals locally known as the Roaring Lion, in consequence of the deep boom of the waves. The oldest known coins are the electrum coins of the earlier Mermnads (Madden, Coins of the Jews, pp. We have already noticed the great if disastrous Crusade of i ioo-I Ioi, and the Venetian Crusade of 1123-1124; and we may also refer to the Crusade of Henry the Lion in 1172, and to that of Edward I. One was an enormous Lion with clear, intelligent eyes, a tawney mane bushy and well kept, and a body like yellow plush. 6. Do not play with naughty boys. As Minister of the Interior, of Mines, and of Defence, he bore the lion's share of the early administrative work of the Union. Got back to the Lion and had cold fowl and champagne. ALI, known as ALI Pasha (1741-1822), Turkish pasha of Iannina, surnamed Arslan, " the Lion," was born at Tepeleni, a village in Albania at the foot of the Klissura mountains. Among the chief attributes of Artemis are: the hind, specially regarded as her sacred animal; the bear, the boar and the goat; the zebu (, Artemis Leucophrys); the lion, one of her oldest animal symbols; bow and arrows, as goddess of the chase and death; a mural crown, as the protectress of cities; the torch, originally an attribute of the goddess of the chase or marriage, but, like the crescent (originally an attribute of the Asiatic nature goddesses), transferred to Artemis, when she came to be regarded as a moon-goddess. It is important to know the various sentence elements (subjects, predicates, phrases, clauses) that can make your writing accurate and grammatically correct but also more interesting and appealing to your readers. Lions are adapted for life in grasslands and mixed areas with trees and grass. Until towards the close of the 19th century Bechuanaland abounded in big game, and the Kalahari is still the home of the lion, leopard, hyena, jackal, elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, buffalo, antelope of many species, ostrich and even the giraffe. Not only its beauty and grace make the lion the majesty but also its raw power and strength. Required fields are marked *. CM 3289180 Lions are animals. The Hindus believe he has appeared (I) as a fish, (2) as a tortoise, (3) as a hog, (4) as a monster, half man half lion, to destroy the giant Iranian, (5) as a dwarf, (6) as Rama, (7) again as Rama for the purpose of killing the thousand-armed giant Cartasuciriargunan, (8) as Krishna, (9) as Buddha. They keep the leftover meal for the other animals and birds especially sepulchers. 5. Refers to a proverb based on a Bible story from I Samuel, in which a shepherd, David, hunts down a lion that stole a lamb, grasps it by the beard, and kills it. The immense energies of Duke Henry the Lion had been devoted to his northern rather than his southern duchy, and when the dispute over the Bavarian succession was settled in 1156 the district between the Enns and the Inn had been transferred to Austria. Of all the four types of sentence structures, simple sentence is the easiest to understand. Their prey includes antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, young elephants, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles and giraffes. The final ascent begins between giant lion's paws carved in the rock. When Henry the Lion, duke of Saxony and Bavaria, was placed under the imperial ban in 1180, Otto's services were rewarded by the investiture of the dukedom of Bavaria at Altenburg. So the Arabs of East Africa anoint themselves with lion's fat in order to gain courage and inspire the animals with awe of themselves. Notwithstanding the many sources of confusion Conrad was persuaded by the passionate eloquence of Bernard of Clairvaux to take part in the second crusade; be left for the East in 1147 and returned to Germany in 1149, to find Welf again in arms and Henry the Lion claiming Bavaria. Ted Nugent. The lion belongs to the genus Fells of Linnaeus (for the characters and position of which see Carnivora), and differs from the tiger and leopard in its uniform colouring, and from all the other Felidae in the hair of the top of the head, chin and neck, as far back as the shoulder, being not only much longer, but also differently disposed from the hair elsewhere, being erect or directed forwards, and so constituting the characteristic ornament called the mane. On the same point, it's a great idea to devote a lion's share of your budget to your TV or screen system, as well as considering surround sound options. The burgh is said to date from the reign of William the Lion (1165-1214); its charter was granted in 1502. (Simple sentence) If you are not a Hindu, you cannot enter this temple. It was prepared under the care of Clement V., and even promulgated by him in consistory in March 1314; The but, in consequence of the death of the pope, which " took place almost immediately after, the publication and despatch of the collec Lion to the universities was postponed till 1317, under John Xxii.