Life was returning to normal – maybe not at the pace she would like. The tunnel widened, and his pace slowed as he saw another tunnel intersect it. 156. This is a superb " prog epic " with its changes of mood and pace. I started out too fast in the race, and couldn't keep up the pace. The order of procedure at the early field trials was similar to what it is to-day, only the awards were given in accordance with a scale of points as follows: nose, 40; pace and range, 30; temperament, 10; staunchness before, 10; behind, 10. Alpatych entered the innyard at a quicker pace than usual and went straight to the shed where his horses and trap were. Meantime back at the Parliamentary coal face the pace of legislation continues at an unrelenting pace. In Norway and Sweden missionary activity kept pace with the development of the national life; in the former country the Free Church, in the latter the State Church has been the most successful agency. But it is doubtful (pace Spitta and Volter, who assume a Jewish or a proselyte basis) whether this means more than that the Old Testament was still the Scriptures of the Church. PACE provides them with several other powers: To execute a warrant of arrest or commitment. The pace may be a little languid at times, but the film never lost my interest and is fairly suspenseful throughout. "Sofi … she's safe," Darian said and stepped from the shadows to pace. She watched him pace, his long, muscular legs drawing her eyes. Their formation might be interpreted as reflecting the exasperation felt by government and employers with the pace of FE reform. Sentence Examples. If the reader wish to keep pace with the output of literature on this vast subject, he will find L'Annee sociologique (1896 onwards) a wonderfully complete bibliographical guide. Their pace out of the dwelling and toward the hills was brutal, too fast for her to keep up, and Leyon ended up swinging her into his arms like a child to keep the fast pace into the rocky hills. Such was the increased pace, Alfa Romeo did not score one rostrum position in six races. But fair warning—I'm hitting a very fast pace. stationary bike at a moderate pace for 20 minutes. Having spearheaded canal restoration for half a century the IWA are now having to work hard to keep up with the pace. So, as a Middle lane moron should, he slowly but surely accelerated and then overtook, at an excruciatingly slow pace. How to use pace in a sentence. A brood mare requires plenty of exercise at a slow pace and may work, except between shafts or on a road, till the day of foaling. His doctors remain amazed at the glacial pace of his losses. She increased her pace, but a hand grabbed her arm. seems hurried on the time allowed for each session - you will need to slow the pace for discussions. Away from the bustling crowds on the main beaches you can enjoy a slower pace. I 'm a speedy Ferrari 360, So sleek with power and pace. conducted in accordance with Code C of PACE. And the action continues, if not at so frenetic a pace, but still with a great shoot-out at the end. With full-colored animated books, silly sounds educational toys checkbook and fun characters, this system lets children learn at their own pace. Martha rose and began to pace across the room, putting one foot toe to heel in front of the other, as if walking a tight rope. feverish pace - only to come to a complete stop once the sun goes down. Sitting on a secluded site at the far side of the circle, on the outside, sat a mid-sized Pace Arrow motor home with California Plates! In general, Germany had passed since the war through a social and economic revolution similar to that undergone by Great Britain during the earlier half of the I9th century, though on a greater scale and at a much accelerated pace. canal restoration for half a century the IWA are now having to work hard to keep up with the pace. In 1868 it consisted of ~5 steamers (including 2 ironclads) and 44 sailing vessels, but during the various wars of the period 1848-1871, only a few minor actions were fought at sea, and for many years after the French War the development of the navy did not keep pace with that of the empires commercial interests beyond the seas, or compete seriously with the naval power of possible rivals. fugue at a blinding pace, but under perfect control. The pace did not relent, with boats being battered even on the good lines. One of my men spotted a Pace Arrow and was about to stop it when he saw it had Alabama license plates so he let it pass and kept going. Your training starts with rides that last for up to 2 hours at a nice steady pace. I seem totally incapable of making my brain function at a rapid pace. He is a fantasy driver and he drives the pontiac pace car. "We are such stuff as dreams are made on" -- Try rephrasing that line from The Tempest. It only takes a small minority of unsecured systems for viruses and SPAM to propagate at a lightning pace. As the half went on the pace became frenetic. He continued at his quick pace into the town, glancing over the quaint downtown strip lined with small cars and pubs. The figures show that last month's surge was the fastest pace of job growth since the key economic barometer began three years ago. Certainly a player with the talent to keep pace with Wimbledon 's ambition to rise through the non-league pyramid. In literature, pace, or pacing is the speed at which a story is told—not necessarily the speed at which the story takes place. Think of your novel pacing in structured units. 2253835 Use my place.CK 1 2249511 Keep your place.CK 1 2250070 Take your place.CK 1 2648864 Are you in place?CK 1 2389842 I own this place.CK 1 2404173 I run this place.CK 1 2244665 Take Tom's place.CK 1 1898102 This is my place.CK 1 2280259 Any place will do. The signal being given to let go, the machine darted forward at a terrific pace, and the safety-valve ceased to blow. He hit a comfortable pace and stayed there as he peddled past the cemetery and the open meadows where a herd of elk grazed near the river to his left, standing at attention near the edge of the tall cottonwoods that lined the bank. in a sentence, you're using it in place of a phrase like “that is” or “in other words.” For example, instead of writing "She likes superheroes, that is, social misfits who save the world," you'd write "She likes superheroes, i.e., social misfits who save the world." When a small calf accompanies its mother, it always runs in front and she appears to guide it by holding the point of her horn upon the little animal's rump; and it is perfectly wonderful to note how in all sudden changes of pace, from a trot to a gallop, or vice versa, the same position is always exactly maintained. Suddenly we are asked to stand and in walks Benedict XVI at a brisk pace in smart white cassock and stunning bright red shoes. Examples of at an alarming pace in a sentence, how to use it. Show More Sentences The dizzying paceof this financial revolving door is the essence of globalization's entanglements. To him whose elastic and vigorous thought keeps pace with the sun, the day is a perpetual morning. As a complete beginner the pace of learning was quite fierce during the first year. This allowed the new greenkeeper John Wilshire to increase the pace of the improvements. "Oh, you must mean Mr. Green, in the Pace Arrow," the woman said. furious pace of the first half continued unabated in the second. 79. She lived a hectic pace, juggling her own painting career with bringing up her young family. His long legs set an impossible pace, and before long she was stumbling. Pace of life definition is - —used to refer to the speed at which changes and events occur. The count nodded affirmatively, and Natasha, at the rapid pace at which she used to run when playing at tag, ran through the ballroom to the anteroom and downstairs into the yard. Children with visual impairment often read at a much slower pace than fully sighted peers. Dean picked up the pace and closed the gap on the yellow­shirted rider, low on his bike to minimize the wind resistance as he raced downward at a dangerous speed. Kutuzov accompanied by his adjutants rode at a walking pace behind the carabineers. Their agreement was sufficiently definite to enable the surveyors and, pace the courts below, this court, to give it practical meaning. Similar words: space, keep pace with, face to face, pack, impact, package, face, trace. Sometimes development stops altogether, and a layer of undifferentiated parenchyma (the mesodesm) is left between them; or it may continue indefinitely, the central cells keeping pace by their tangential division with the differentiation of tissue on each side. That did not mean, the Prime Minister and others made clear, any slackening in the pace of change. (Wasps, 660), Andocides (de Pace, § 9), Plutarch (Aristides,, c. 24), and pseudo-Andocides (Alcibiad. This plus the continued, almost frantic pace of reform in the NHS is the cause of the crises now emerging across the NHS. and the publication of parish and township or county maps keeps pace with the settlement of the country; but with the exception of Victoria none of these states is in possession of a topographical map equal in accuracy to similar maps published in Europe. To Dean's mind, it seemed everyone passed him but there were more remaining behind him as he maintained his modest pace. countrymanhis pace, Gjedde was unable to catch fellow countrymen Jensen out front. The phantom seemed content, neither interfering nor trying to communicate with her. It needs a thorough overhaul to keep pace with modern life. You may have learned that ending a sentence with a preposition is a serious breach of grammatical etiquette. Towards the close of the igth century evidence was accumulating that the development of the Port of London was not keeping pace with that of shipping generally. He diagnosed this evil as being due to the absence of personal influence, spiritual oversight, and the want of parochial organizations which had not kept pace in the city, as they had done in rural parishes, with the growing population. The pace was increased, though the "charge" was not sounded, and Cardigan and those of his men who remained mounted, rode up to and through the Russian line of guns. definite to enable the surveyors and, pace the courts below, this court, to give it practical meaning. Find more ways to say pace, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The mystery unfolds at a languid pace, dropping a few red herrings along the way. Did You Know? Control Your Tell vs. Show Ratio. Repeated interruptions were accordingly experienced to the advance of the leading column, by messages to halt or slacken pace. Some prefer a gentle social jog, some a faster pace, whilst a few aspire to the marathon. The best I believe, is either walking at a fairly good pace or riding a bicycle - stationary or otherwise. PACE and its liberal codes of practice is also the main source of the paperwork which police find so irksome. Her husband doesn't care—he's got the dough so he closes the deal right there and the guy drives off in the Pace Arrow! The demand constantly increases, and, owing to constant improvements in material in the moulds and in the methods of working, the supply fully keeps pace with the demand. The deacon now turns to the people and says Procedamus in pace, and the procession begins. At the papal order there arose the Ponte Sisto, the hospital of San Spirito, Santa Maria del popolo, Santa Maria della pace, and finally the Sistine Chapel, for the decoration of which the most famous Tuscan and Umbrian artists were summoned to Rome. On the other hand it is exceptionally rich in species having strident voices and peculiar unmusical calls, like the pace. He continued to pace the room, looking gloomily at Denisov and the girls and avoiding their eyes. Then, England and France having concluded a truce, the pace was quickened and the main treaties were signed on the 11th of April 1713. The principal hospitals are the Incurabili, Gesu e Maria, Santa Maria della Pace and a hospital for poor priests, which are all under the same management. (49) Scott fell back a pace in astonishment. The men ignored the signs of war, instead keeping to a quick pace along their path. They could not stand the pace or … There is little doubt however that the 2006 squad scores over the 1971 team in pace bowling. Willard Humphries rose out of his seat and began to pace. The lights grew no closer, even when she quickened her pace. said he through the singing, making his horse keep pace with the company. multimedia CD-ROMs and text book in their own time and at their own pace. 87. pick up the pace in regards to their antics â they really push the boundaries.