Requires Legendary Moose Antler. Panther’s Eye Trinket — Legendary Panther Eye. Decrease Dead Eye drain by … Requires Legendary Fox Claw. Elk Antler Trinket: +10% Loot (more items looted). Once you’ve skinned a legendary animal, return to Gus to trade it in. Coyote Fang Trinket: Dead Eye XP gain increased by 10%, crafted with Legendary Coyote Fang. It has some nice feathers in the hat. Fox Claw Trinket — Legendary Fox Claw. Fox Claw Trinket: +5 seconds Eagle Eye duration. Fence: Elk Antler Trinket (Increase money from looting by 10%) -- Legendary Elk Antler Legendary Fox Location: The fox can be found near Mattock Pond, just … Craftable Items: Using the Legendary Fox Claw, craft the Fox Claw Trinket to permanently increase the time that Eagle Eye can stay active by 5 seconds. Legendary Buck & Fox Range Gloves: 1x Legendary Buck Pelt, 1x Legendary Fox Pelt, $28.00. 9 Crow Beak Trinket Weirdly, the Crow Beak Trinket can't be crafted in Red Dead Redemption 2 . Moose Antler Trinket: +10% Health XP earned. Elk Antler Trinket: Loot increased by 10%, crafted with Legendary Elk Antler. The Legendary Fox Moccasins Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket. Once you manage to kill this unique fox in Red Dead Redemption 2, skin it and head to a Fence. Hunting Details: The Legendary Fox yields a claw that can be used in crafting. From Legendary Fox: $23.50: Lion's Paw Trinket: Increases stamina XP gains by 10%: 1x Lion's Paw: From "He's British, of course" stranger quest: $19.75: Moose Antler Trinket… Lion’s Paw Trinket: +10% Stamina XP earned. To get The Dreamcatcher Set you need to create the following pieces at the Trapper: Cougar's Paw Trinket: Reduce Deadeye Core drain by 10% for 3 seconds once triggered, crafted with Legendary Cougar's Paw. The Legendary Fox can be found around Mattock Pond, which is just north of the town of Rhodes, in Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne. Fox Claw Trinket – Increases Eagle Eye duration by five seconds (crafted at Fences using the Legendary Fox Claw) Pronghorn Horn Trinket – Stops animals stored on … Use a repeater for a clean kill. Craft using the Lion’s Paw. Requires Legendary Coyote Fang. The Fox Claw Trinket requires a bit more effort; just gather a Legendary Fox Claw by hunting and skinning the Legendary Fox. At the trapper, the Fox Pelt can be used for the following garments. Requires Legendary Elk Antler. Adds five seconds to Dead Eye. The best weapon to hunt this fox is either a repeater or a Bow with arrows. The Dreamcatcher (Total Outfit Cost: $139) This is the Dreamcatcher outfit.