As one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, Greece has an impressive and ancient history with … It is considered the world's oldest known bottle of wine. The bottle was unearthed in 1867 and one of 16 found in a sarcophagus in the grave of a Roman nobleman and his wife – the bottle was the only one still intact. What is Cyprus famous for? According to experts, the first remains of vegetal pigments from red wine, presses, storage tanks, vases, skins and seeds was found there. [2][5][6] Since its discovery, it has been exhibited at the Wine Museum section of the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer, always displayed in the same location within the museum. The world's oldest bottle of wine was discovered in a Roman tomb in Speyer, Germany. Age: 155 years old. From which one is found till yet inside the coffin of Roman Nobleman and his wife. Explore the Basics of Greek Wine World’s Oldest Unopened Bottle of Wine Remains Sealed Since the 4th Century The world's oldest bottle of wine is probably older than you think. Bottled By: … Spain is home to two of the world’s oldest wineries: the Can Bonastre and the Codorníu. Type of whisky: Single Malt Whisky. Previously, the earliest evidence of grape wine-making had been found in the Zagros Mountains of Iran and dated to 5,400-5,000 BC. We're going back 6,000 years. The wine was produced by the Massandra Winery, located in the Republic of Crimea, which is home to an extensive collection of valuable Russian and European wines. [7] The museum's curator, Ludger Tekampe, has stated he has seen no variation in the bottle in the last 25 years. Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine that also happens to be the oldest named wine still in production. Date: 325 AD – 350 AD This winery is known for pioneering the use of hollo… Value:  N/A. However, this is a widespread misconception and a wine’s age is not always an indicator that the wine will actually be good. The Old Vine is a symbol of the rich wine culture of Maribor, Styria, and all of Slovenia. The wine was most recently transferred to a new barrel in 2014 after its original barrel started leaking. The oldest winery in the world can be located in the country of Armenia. This extremely rare artifact dates back to 1650 and is now on display at the Palatinate History Museum in Germany. The company holds vineyards stretching hundreds of hectares and have more than 50 varieties of grapes. This wine also holds the record for the oldest "Appelation d'origine". It’s believed that winemaking actually started in … the bottle was etched with the initials “Th.J”, suggesting that the wine had belonged to Thomas Jefferson. Date: 1787 This wine is believed to be the oldest intact Tokaji bottle and was certified as authentic by the Foundation of the House of Wettin, which administrated the heritage of the former Saxon monarchy. Žametovka or modra kavčina (Bleu de Cologne), confirmed at 400 years of age, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world still producing fruit. Date: 1775 There’s a wine that would make #3 on your list: The 1540 Wuerzburger Stein “Kaiserwein” (Emperor’s Wine) of which the Buergerspital Wuerzburg keeps the last known bottle, – this supposedly is the “oldest single vinyard / single vintage” wine in the world. [6], While scientists have considered accessing the liquid to further analyze the content, as of 2018 the bottle remained unopened, because of concerns about how the liquid would react when exposed to air. Country of Origin:  France Copyright 2020 | Terms | Privacy | Contact | Facebook, Spread the loveHumans have a long history of drinking and making alcohol that spans over 9,000 years. Year: 1862. The tomb contained two sarcophagi, one holding the body of a man and one a woman. valued the wine at $500,000 because it was believed to have once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, a bottle of the Massandra Sherry de la Frontera 1775 was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $43,500 in London. The Speyer wine bottle is believed to be the oldest bottle of wine in the world and... 2. Speyer Wine Bottle (Römerwein). most expensive bottle of the Apostelwein 1727, valued at $200,000, belongs to the Graycliff hotel in Nassau, believed to be the oldest intact Tokaji bottle, wine has been tasted only three times in its history. Strasbourg Wine Barrel. Date: 1787 Country of Origin: Germany  The Speyer wine bottle (or Römerwein ) is a sealed vessel, presumed to contain liquid wine, and so named because it was unearthed from a Roman tomb found near Speyer, Germany. Value: $200,000. At…, Spread the loveBoston is one of the most historical cities in America and was the center of the American Revolutionary…. Cyprus is home to commandaria -- the oldest named wine in the world Topped with a wax seal, the oldest bottle is now in a museum. This wine has no price tag as it is the priceless wine in the world. [7] The "Römerwein" is housed in the museum's Tower Room. Country of Origin: France The country that brought you the dubious pleasures of Yellow Tail is also home to some of the oldest commercial vines in the world. allegedly drank from a bottle of Jeres de la Frontera worth $90,000. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The most expensive bottle of the Apostelwein 1727, valued at $200,000, belongs to the Graycliff hotel in Nassau and is one of the most rare wines in the world. The reason for the wine’s high price tag is that despite having no label, the bottle was etched with the initials “Th.J”, suggesting that the wine had belonged to Thomas Jefferson. There is a clear liquid in the bottom third, and a mixture similar to rosin above. Although some wine is made to be aged, no wine ages forever. The world oldest wine is Speyer. By Jackie Edwards. The liquid, which is no longer alcohol, has most likely survived this long because the bottle was sealed with wax and olive oil was poured into the bottle to preserve the wine. In 1989, wine merchant William Sokolin valued the wine at $500,000 because it was believed to have once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, but there were no interested buyers at that price. It is marked with the dates 325 AD to 350 AD and it is been said that there were only 16 bottles. Photo by Following Hadrian CC-BY 2.0/ Flickr The Speyer bottle was found in the grave of a Roman nobleman in 1867, in the Rhineland-Palatine region of Germany and caused a real stir among historians and archaeologists at the time. While it has reportedly lost its ethanol content, analysis is consistent with at least part of the liquid having been wine. Where Are the Oldest Wines in the World? The glass amphora has two dolphin-shaped handles, and it is tightly closed with wax. If you’re asking “what’s the oldest drinkable wine”, that’s a different story. Meet “Old Vine,” the oldest grape producing vine in the world that’s still very much alive and well. The Oldest Wine in the World Amazing Finding. Required fields are marked *. When it comes to wine, the rule of thumb is the older the vintage, the better the wine is supposed to taste. The Speyer wine bottle most likely holds wine, and was originally found in 1867, in what is now the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany near Speyer, one of the oldest settlements in the area. The bottle was discovered during an excavation[8] in a 4th-century AD Roman nobleman's tomb. Commandaria is a dessert wine that tastes like … [2] One source says the man was a Roman legionary and the wine was a provision for his celestial journey. The Speyer wine bottle is believed to be the oldest bottle of wine in the world and is dated to around 325 AD – 350 AD. But a century is … [2] The preservation of the wine is attributed to the large amount of thick olive oil, added to the bottle to seal the wine off from air,[2] along with a hot wax seal. The birth of viticulture dates back before the birth of Christ where wine was made exclusively for the privileged few and even savored by the gods. Value: $43,500. Today Can Bonastre produces 13 different varieties of wine. During a party honoring the owners of the wine that Sokolin was trying to sell, the bottle of Chateau Margaux 1787 fell to the ground and was completely broken. The world’s oldest known bottle of wine, 325 AD, Historical Museum of the Palatinate, Speyer, Germany. This particular bottle of Chateau Margaux 1787 is known for being the most expensive bottle of wine that was never actually sold. Date: c.1650 – 1690 These new findings are from about 600–1,000 years earlier, and indicate that wine-making and possibly viticulture were already in place about 8,000 years ago. Then there’s the breathtaking scenery; you simply can’t beat some of the stunning views from high up in the Troodos mountains and the natural beauty of the Cape Greco National Park. Several of the wines on this list are not only a few hundred years old, but are also some of the most expensive bottles to ever be sold at auction.