As Tom Robinson gave his testimony, it came to me that Mayella Ewell must have been the loneliest person in the world. ‘I said somethin’ like, why Miss Mayella, that’s right smart o’ you to treat ’em. As the author suggested throughout the novel, moral courage is the ideal attribute to be valued. Mayella's scheme to get the children off the property and lure Tom into the house. Tom Robinson, a 25 year old black male, stood accused of raping a 19 year old white woman named Mayella Ewell. At the end of it, all the trial of Tom Robinson can neither be described as victory nor defeat. ‘What did he say?’ This shows the Judge that he is innocent, and shouldn't be charged with this accusation. They all gone to town.”’ Page 190: Tom Robinson takes the stand. Darkness had not come, but the afternoon sun had left the windows. The defendants lawyer, Atticus Finch, tried to capitalize on the contradictory statements made by Ms. Ewell. these folks’n chillun to hear–’ Most as tall as the room. However, there were several discrepancies in the testimony that she provided under questioning and cross examination. Mayella however, told a story but had no hard evidence to prove that Tom raped her. Her testimony is enlightening to us all. Finally, the judge tells him his effort is sufficient and he can take the stand. I had to pass her place going to and from the field every day. that, an’ nice of her to treat ’em.’ She says, “Took me a slap year to save seb’m nickels, but I done it. 1) Tom Robinson's testimony helps his case because he explains that he has very good intentions and wouldn't hurt anyone. what, and she says to just step on that chair yonder an’ git that box down from on top of the chiffarobe.’ The State rests, Judge. hahaha!yes, because he is proven physically incapable of beating up Mayella. Both the victim and the accused were lifelong residents of Maycomb, County and were acquainted. Like Boo Radley, Tom Robinson isn't just an individual.He's also a litmus test for Maycomb's racism—and, unfortunately for him, it fails. Tom Robinson had to experience injustice and was criticized just because he is black and black men are all “bad”. ‘I say where the chillun?’ he continued, ‘an’ she says – she was laughin’, sort of – she says they all The clip Tom's testimony from To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Atticus. She says she never _____ What does his testimony reveal about Bob Ewell? The most compelling piece of evidence came from the testimony of Tom Robinson, who clearly explained why he was innocent. She asked him to fix the hinge of the door What was in the bottle Mr. Dolphus Raymond carried around in the brown bag and sipped through a straw? Ms. Ewell stated under oath that the defendant, Tom Robinson, was in fact the person who raped her. Tom Robinson's testimony shows that he is honest and concerned for the welfare of others, which shows he is innocent, and indirectly saying that Bob Ewell the drunkard father, beat up Mayella. But this last part, especially, hurts him. I didn’t wanta harm her, Mr Finch, an’ I say lemme Copyright © 1999 - 2021 GradeSaver LLC. Tom Robinson is called to the witness stand. The courtroom is open to the public, whites and blacks. ‘What happened after that?’ Dill begins to cry, and Scout takes him out of the courtroom. Violently?’ was just reachin’ when the next thing I knows she – she’d grabbed me round the legs, grabbed me Summarize his testimony. Tom’s discomfort was not from the humidity. The fact that Tom felt sorry for a … ... and nothing but the truth” after being sworn in to testimony. According to the testimony given by Tom Robinson, how did Mayella Ewell get Tom into the house? Judge Taylor According to the witness, the suspect, negro citizen Tom Robinson strangled and jumped on Miss Ewell in a … There is proof of this in the time period in which it occurred as well as evidence from the novel itself. By the end of the week, the jury should have a verdict for this case. ‘Not the same chiffarobe you busted up?’ Asked Atticus. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Tom Robinson shut his eyes tight. kissed a grown man before an’ she might as well kiss a nigger. The day of Tom Robinson's trial was hot, damp, and uncomfortable. The crime took place in November of last year. ‘Mr Finch, I got down offa that chair an’ turned around an’ she sorta jumped on me.’ What, according to the testimony, does this prove beyond a doubt? I do. ‘I understand you, Tom. She was even lonelier than Boo Radley, who had not been out of the house in twenty­five years. FACTS IMPLY HECK TATE’S BOB EWELL’S MAYELLA EWELL’S TOM ROBINSON’S As you read each testimony, have students fill in the facts established for each character on their handout (next page). Tom did narrated clearly what happened while, Mayella responds to Atticus's polite interrogation with … ‘Some-thin’ not fittin’ to say – not fittin’ for ‘What did you say then, Tom?’ asked Atticus. think so?” I don’t think she understood what I was thinkin’ – I meant it was smart of her to save like Atticus Finch, the lawyer of Tom Robinson thoroughly questioned the prosecutors and the defendant in an attempt to assemble common ground from the various versions of the events of November, 21. When Atticus asked had she any friends, she seemed not to know what he meant, then she thought he was making fun of her. Example: CHARACTERS FACTS ESTABLISHED WHAT THE. got her back to the door an’ I’da had to push her. Tom Robinson, take the stand. sitting across the room. He glanced at Atticus, then at the jury, then at Mr Underwood The witness swallowed hard. She scared me so bad I hopped down an’ turned the chair over – that was the Tom Robinson swallowed again, and his eyes widened. Go on,’ said Atticus. Gilmer reviews Mayella’s testimony, accusing Tom of lying about everything. Tom Robinson. She hugged me round the waist.’ Tom's testimony also shows him to be a nice guy who has compassion for others (he feels sorry for Mayella). An’ she said, “You Tom Robinson's testimony doesn't help his case because it proves that he was at Mayella's house and that she tried to touch him. This time Judge Taylor’s gavel came down with a bang, and as it did the overhead lights went on in count. He pulled the door back and forth and saw that nothing was wrong. Yes, sir. round th’ legs, Mr Finch. With different interpretations, one can conclude either way depending on how one argues. The court case took place at the Maycomb County courthouse, and a huge crowd of … Mayella Ewell is the supposed victim in the Tom Robinson trial this week. But both Mayella and Bob lied rather than admit that Mayella tried to kiss Tom. One-third of his cigar had vanished. ‘Tom, you’ve sworn to tell the whole truth. ‘Jumped on you? He tries to put his left hand upon the Bible, but it is a futile effort, as his left arm is entirely non-functional. 4th row-Tom Robinson’s Testimony. The witness smiled. ‘Answer the question,’ said Judge Taylor. Outside the courtroom, Dill complains to Scout about Mr. Gilmer’s rude treatment of Tom Robinson during the questioning. quickly restored order. Atticus is doing this case to seek justice, and that is all. Please please please help. The jury’s decision to convict Tom Robinson for a crime he clearly did not commit plagues Jem (and many readers) as an intolerable miscarriage of justice. You must tell the jury what he said.’ She says, “Kiss me back, nigger.” I say Miss Mayella lemme outa here an’ tried to run but she In previous chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, we heard testimony that Mayella Ewell had been beaten. ‘Well, I said I best be goin’, I couldn’t do nothin’ for her, an’ she says oh yes I could, an’ I ask her Were you acquainted with Mayella Violet Ewell? 3rd row-Mayella Ewell’s Testimony. He should not have said he felt sorry … Tom’s black velvet skin had begun to shine, and he ran his hand over his face. When Atticus asked had she any friends, His own character as a decent, humble, respectable man. Bob Ewell claims that his daughter, Mayella, was raped by Tom. Sit down. His left arm is deformed and shorter than the other; so Tom Robinson could not have raped her. “As Tom Robinson gave his testimony, it came to me that Mayella Ewell must have been the loneliest person in the world. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird - Tom's Testimony | Genius Mr. Gilmer. ‘Naw suh, another one. The townspeople here in Maycomb are quite mad that Atticus Finch is attempting to defend Tom Robinson. She asked him to come inside to fix the door hinges because fall is coming. So I done what she told me, an’ I She says what her papa do to her don’t Atticus asks Tom to tell the jury what happened the evening of November 21st. the courtroom. ‘No suh, she – she hugged me. Tom ran his hand nervously over his mouth. Tom Robinson's Testimony: On his way home on November 21st, he passed Mayella on the porch like she said she was. Tom Robinson is a Negro accused of raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell. Will you tell it?’ Tom Robinson Trial Article...Tom Robinson Found Guilty For Rape Tom Robinson, a Negro man, was accused of raping Mayella Ewell, a 19 year old and the daughter of Bob Ewell. Bob's history of abuse. The arm simply slips off the Bible again and again. Tom Robinson's testimony shows that he is honest and concerned for the welfare of others, which shows he is innocent, and indirectly saying that Bob Ewell the drunkard father, beat up Mayella Answered by coco s #17435 12 years ago 10/6/2008 12:17 PM Much is revealed... His own character as a decent, humble, respectable man. Background Information. ‘She reached up an’ kissed me ’side of th’ face. Tom Robinson's trial continues in chapter 18 of To Kill a Mockingbird. “The state has not produced one iota of medical evidence to the effect that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place. She was even lonelier than Boo Radley, who had not been out of the house in twenty-five years. ‘What did he say, Tom? ‘What happened after you turned the chair over?’ ‘He says you goddamn whore, I’ll kill ya.’. Based on the evidence presented in the case, the jury should have found Tom Robinson innocent. A 25-year-old black man whom Atticus defends in a court case against the Ewells. _____ What does Tom’s presence on the stand say about him as a character/human/African American? I swear ’fore God.’ Put your hand on the Bible. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help you God? only thing, only furniture, ’sturbed in that room, Mr Finch, when I left it. pass, but just when I say it Mr Ewell yonder hollered through th’ window.’ The 19 year old female has recollected the event when the alleged rape occurred. "She says what her daddy do to her don't count" is a key line in this novel. She blamed Robinson because she was evidently coersed by Bob Ewell. ‘Then what did she do?’ During Tom Robinson's testimony, Scout tries to apply this test of Atticus's, to see if a witness is "lying or telling the truth." What is so important about Tom Robinson's physical appearance? During his testimony, Tom Robinson made it clear that he only helped Mayella because she seemed to have no one else to help her. Powered by Create your … Tom Robinson is Proved Guilty Before Trial In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson, the black man falsely convicted of rape, had absolutely no chance of a fair trial. Tomorrow, Mr. Ewell’s daughter, Mayella, will be interrogated, followed by Tom Robinson’s testimony the next day. He was sentenced guilty because he is a black man and even though it is certain that he wasn’t the one who raped Mayella Ewell. Tom Robinson had come to a dead stop. It is made very clear during the trial that it was not Tom Robinson who raped Mayella Ewell, but instead her own father. Before the Trial: Invisible Man Tom Robinson's name comes up long before he appears in person, but the main issue setting tongues wagging isn't whether Tom is innocent or guilty, but Atticus's resolve to give him a good defense. What exactly is revealed by Tom Robinson's testimony? gone to town to get ice-creams.