At the sides of the face, draw locks of hair using pairs of lines that meet at points. Aren't they purrfect?!? . Use curved lines to outline the sides and sleeves of the garment. Then, extend a pair of curved lines across the head, forming the band. Step 4. About This Article. Shade one set of ovals to indicate the pupil. Enclose small ovals within a circle to form each eye. I suggest you should check out my easy drawing tutorials instead. Well she's not from any anime, I made her and well yeah...her name is neko XD. Step 11. I'm glad you found this tutorial to be fun , way too hard I don't like it can you make it more easy. XP X3 xDyeah i used to use .....  my brother gave me a table to draw about a mouth,  I just used in my last draws ....I like to draw with the mouse too because I used it about seven mouthS so I am used to it.... but now I use the mouse just to do the contour ^^. I'm Rauno from Vancouver, Canada. Hi! Texture the hair with long lines down its length. This details the inner ear, as do the short lines that give it a furry texture. 4. Use a "U" shaped line to outline the chin and cheeks. We will guide you through drawing these 2 cartoon characters step by step with easy instructions and illustrations. Now let’s portray a dress under a denim jacket. This tutorial is about how to draw a neko girl , neko=cat. 6. For the bow, enclose the round shape of the knot with an irregular shape on each side. See...this is the kind of stuff I can't do....I tried it...and failed...better start practicing right? How to Draw a Cat Girl - An easy, step by step drawing lesson for kids. Notice the slight point of the chin. How to. Color your anime cat girl. Even non-anime cartoons, such as Treasure Planet, She-Ra: Princess of Power, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Thundercats include these characters. For the bow, enclose the round shape of the knot with an irregular shape on each side. Chibi Cat drawing - step 7. I had to do this like a million times before I actually got it right. Then, draw the ponytails on each side of the head, using long, curved lines to form the locks. 9. Note the curvature of the hair made by a curved line at the base of one ear. If you want the claws out, draw the curved triangles. Begin by sketching the girl's face. Draw a circle for your cat girl's head. Then, draw the outline of the legs and paws, making the hind legs more circular. The "catgirl" character is one example. Are you ready to start? wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Draw Simple Anime Eyes. As you can see, our chibi girl will be wearing a denim jacket. This printable is for members only. You can make fur on the sides of the ear, just to make the cat furry and cuddly! Connect them at the bottom, and band the neck with a pair of lines to form a choker style necklace. In this stage, we will actually finish drawing the chibi girl. Neko is the Japanese word for "cat." This should end at … Learn about topics such as How to Draw a Cat, How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Cat, How to Draw Hello Kitty, and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos. Same. This should end at a long curved line. Also, don't forget to style a cute kitty tail. !glad you like^^. Anyone can create great looking drawings! How to draw a Cat easy and step by step. 5. 1.